Holly Lay's Midway Exhibition is untitled. That is appropriate for an installation using themes prompted by online images curated by, as she says, an "amateur cyber anthropologist." You may not know the sources of the digital archives she uses to create "memes, cyber culture, representation, appropriation, circulation, femininity, craft and kitsch." It is a collaboration with the unknown and untitled sources, so to speak. The centerpiece is "Myth," a series of latch hook tapestries, and a mural, sourced from pixelated images to revisit how the female form is still objectified for viewing. - Paint This Desert

Holly Lay's WAAVY FM interview is now available on sound cloud (iLLTV Edit). Listen as we talk about her open gallery, UNLV, creative commons & images in media. - ILL Vizion

Holly Lay earned her BFA in Photography and Intermedia Arts in the Fall of 2013. Since then she has continued her passion for storytelling and started exclusively using film mediums. In the summer of 2009, Holly discovered a journal and a single Polaroid photo that belonged to her mother who sadly passed away when she was only a child. This discovery inspired Holly to create “My Photographic Diary”: a project which has documents her life with 100 consecutive photos every year.

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